Prescription Considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Federal law (Ryan Haight Act) prohibits prescribing of any controlled medications, such as stimulant medications used to treat ADHD, and  many anti-anxiety and sleep medications, classified as benzodiazepines, and benzodiazepine-receptor agonists, such as Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, Ambien, and  Lunesta among others without an in person evaluation.
Since we are still limiting the in-person  evaluations, Dr. Bonilla is renewing these kinds of medications for patients she has prescribed them to in the past, and making sure they are seen in-person at least once per year.
And weighing very carefully the decision to start these types of medications to any  patients.
If you are seeking to establish care for the first time, and you think you would benefit from one of these medications, we encourage you to contact your insurance to get a list of providers who are offering in person visits to new patients.

In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 we are:

*Maintaining social distancing, immunization, sanitization and ventilation protocols as recommended by the CDC  

*Limiting in-person visits based on medical necessity for in-person evaluation.

*Maintaining suite doors  locked at all times

*Granting access to people who have an appointment and have completed a COVID questionnaire.

If you have an in-person appointment at our office, please complete the clinical measures and COVID questionnaire sent to you with your appointment reminder and notify our staff via text  at (916) 536-6030 upon arrival.

Note:If you are attending the office with a friend or family member, please have each person accompanying you fill out a COVID questionnaire as well. They can access the form by clicking here

We request that everyone entering the suite wears a mask

Carolina Bonilla Jacome MD

My commitment is to focus on you, and your well being

Wellbeing can only be achieved by taking into considerationvery dimension of
the human experience.

We are a result of our genes, the very particular ways our body
functions, how we care for our bodies, the way we think,
what we do every day, our surroundings, what we believe in, and our history.  

Each person is unique, and everyone deserves to have a treatment plan
that takes all these aspects into consideration to build a healthy future.

A Mindful Path To  Mental Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if I want to become a new patient?

Please note that, at this time, Dr. Bonilla has limited availability for new patients and prioritizing patients who need TMS Treatment or specialized treatment for treatment resistant depression or OCD. Due to high demand, she is not able to accept new patients for Medication Management and Psychotherapy at this time. Those interested in Medication management or therapy should check back on this web site periodically for updates.
Updated 7/1/2022
If you want to look into becoming a new patient, please complete the appointment request form

Once we review your inquiry, we will reply letting you know if we are able to take you as a patient at this time or not, and if we are able to move forward, the e-mail will include instructions for next steps, which are also outlined on this website if you wish to review them before requesting an appointment.

If Dr. Bonilla is able to take you as a new patient at this time, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the current availability, including timing of the soonest availability for new patients at the time, and outline for next steps. This e-mail will contain our signature packet, which you will be requested to review and sign.

Once we have received a complete signature packet, we will contact your to schedule the consultation, pay a $10 registration fee, and create your new patient portal account.

Will Dr. Bonilla take my insurance?

Dr. Bonilla is currently contracted with Cigna, Optum, Medicare, Magellan (mental health carve out for many Blue Shield of California and WHA plans), Anthem Blue Cross, MHN and Tricare.

What happens if Dr. Bonilla doesn't take my insurance?

You can pay cash for your visits, we will give you a super bill for you to send to your insurance and get reimbursed based on your Out of Network benefits.
A Mindful Path to Mental Health’s fee for services are as follows:

New Patient/Initial Comprehensive Evaluation

50 minutes


Time based Medication Management and Psychotherapy visits for returning patients:

25  minutes 


40  minutes

50 minutes



Missed Appointments will be charged based on these same time based rates
No show fees are NOT covered by insurance.

What is the Signature Packet? What are the forms that I am being asked to complete?

The Legal Forms contained in the Signature Packet are the documents most clinics have people sign before their first visit at the office, but we're doing them online for your convenience. Since these are legal forms, we recommend for  you to review at a time that you won't be rushed, so you can read them carefully.

Required forms include:

*Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement - It refers to our company's guidelines for the use and disclosure of protected health information in compliance with a federal law known as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA),and includes a link to the company guidelines for you to download and save.

*Treatment Agreement - It outlines the practices guidelines, for you to understand how Dr. Bonilla practices, and if you agree with it, with your signature you're consenting for evaluation. And if after completion of the New Patient Evaluation, both parties agree on a treatment plan that can be overseen by Dr. Bonilla, the treatment agreement will be you consent for ongoing treatment.

* Financial agreement -It outlines our financial policies, in regards to insurance billing, out of network services,  missed appointments, balances and credit card use.

* Telemedicine Consent- It outlines the practices telehealth guidelines, as well as the risks and benefits of telehealth appointments.
This form needs to be signed once before the 1st Telehealth appointment, and updated as needed if there are any changes in address and/or emergency contact information.

Optional forms include:

*Release of information - Fill this if:
+You are a former patient of Dr. Bonilla. Dr. Bonilla doesn't have access to your previous records, therefore we request you sign a release of information for the practice were you used to see her at, requesting for them to send all records before your 1st appointment.
+You are currently receiving care by a different psychiatrist and wish to transfer care to Dr. Bonilla
+You believe is important for Dr. Bonilla to communicate with your therapist, your primary care doctor, a family member or friend of yours to improve your treatment or coordinate care.
If you need to sign more than 1 release of information, let us know and we will be happy to send you additional copies.  

What is Ivy Pay?

Ivy Pay is a payment system exclusively designed for small mental health practices. It allows for instant payment, while maintaining your personal and financial information secure, meeting  the highest standards for banking and HIPPA security requirements. We can send a text along with it reminding you this is from Dr.Bonilla if you wish, but if you wish for your mental health treatment to remain confidential, just let us know, and we will send the Ivy notification only, which doesn't include the practice or provider's name. Once your appointment is confirmed, we will send you an e-mail with directions of how to activate your patient portal and paperwork for you to complete.

Does Dr. Bonilla offer in person visits?
Dr. Bonilla continues to see most patients via Telehealth for now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to minimize any additional risk to patients who are undergoing TMS treatments and need to come to to the office every day, and some other patients requiring cognitive testing or other kinds of evaluation that can be done only in person, who may be immunocompromised or have other risks factors for complicated COVID-19, all standard psychiatric evaluations and follow-up visits that can be done via telehealth, are done via telehealth.

I have a scheduled office visit, what to do I do?

Please arrive to the office 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time, to give yourself time to complete the check in process, get your vital signs taken and be ready for Dr. Bonilla at the time of the appointment

In order to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 we request that everyone entering the suite:
Wears a mask
Completes a COVID questionnaire at the following link
If you have a friend of family member with you into the office suite, please request for them to complete a COVID questionnaire as well.
Our suite doors are locked at all times and most of the time there won't be any staff from A Mindful Path to Mental Health in the reception area. Please send  a text message to our front office at (916) 536-6030 upon arrival.
You can wait in your car, or if you prefer there are benches and tables outside, as well as comfortable chairs in the lobby, and right outside our suite. Our staff will review your COVID questionnaire and notify you when they’re ready to give you access.

Our new address is:

100 Howe Ave, Suite 210 South
Sacramento, CA 95825

For directions and important information to all people coming to the office, please click here

Before your appointment

You will be reminded of your appointment and prompted to complete your Clinical History Form and Clinical measures 2 days before the appointment. Filling out these forms takes time and reflection, and may be a lengthy process, particularly for new patients. But we believe these are crucial to provide you with the best care possible. Therefore, recommend for you to give yourself time to complete them at a time you don't expect to be rushed, and don't wait until is time for your appointment.

New patients are requested to complete
*A full Clinical History Form which has detailed information of your current symtpoms and history.
*A depression rating scale (PHQ-9)
*An Anxiety rating scale (GAD-7)
*A Quality of life rating scale (WHO-5)

Return patients will be asked to complete:
*A Clinical Update Form asking for changes in your symptoms, health status and medications, that may be relevant for the doctor to know.
*Pertinent rating scales: Most patients receive a depression rating scale  (PHQ-9) and a quality of life scale (WHO-5)
* Some people may have an  additional form to track symptoms related to their particular treatment  focus if relevant symptoms are not captured on the standard forms

You will be asked to complete these forms before each appointment. 

I have a Telehealth Appointment with Dr. Bonilla, what do I do?

Please complete your clinical forms if you have not done so yet. The forms are on the e-mail you received confirming your appointment.

Once ready for your appointment, log on to the patient portal by clicking on patient portal. There you will be able to pay your copay, and join your telehealth session. The system will prompt you to check your camera and your microphone, please do so then so you're ready for Dr. Bonilla when she joins the session.  There is a link to the patient portal on the main directory of this website for your convenience.
If you have any problems joining the telehealth session, please text us at 916-536-6030 and we will be happy to assist you.    

If you encounter any problems finding your measures or joining your telehealth session, let us know you need help by texting us at (916) 536-6030.

Please note:
• We will check your payment history the day after your visit, and if there is a balance or credit, you will be notified, any credits will be applied to future charges and any balances will be deducted from the card you have on file on Ivy Pay, unless you have made any other payment arrangements with the office before the date of service.
• You must be in a safe and private, well-lit, quiet, and secure location at the time of my doctor’s appointment. Coffee houses, buses, trains, cars, public areas with wi-fi and gyms are not considered acceptable locations to conduct a video health session.
•You must have access to a web camera on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, and access to a high bandwidth internet connection capable of supporting video without interruption or loss of quality to conduct a telemedicine appointment.
• Failure to complete all the required forms and questionnaires i

Note: Failure to complete the required clinical measures before the appointment time, and to meet the A Mindful Path to Mental Health's requirements for a telehealth visit listed above may result in your appointment being canceled or rescheduled, and you will be charged a no-show fee.

On the day of your appointment

Log on to your patient portal ahead of your appointment time, there you will be able to pay your copay, and join your telehealth session. The system will prompt you to check your camera and your microphone, please do so then so you're ready for Dr. Bonilla when she joins the session.  There is a link to the patient portal on the main directory of this website for your convenience.
If you have any problems joining the telehealth session, please text us at 916-536-6030 and we will be happy to assist you.    

If you encounter any problems joining your telehealth session, let us know you need help by texting us at (916) 536-6030.

If you have any other questions or would like to get stablished with our practice please contact us 536-6030
Fax: (916) 758-2139

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